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Inspiring Creative Content Marketing Examples – Health and Beauty

Despite the range of hugely successful content marketing campaigns in the health and beauty industry, there’s no denying that this is often a tricky sector to market.

With a sensitive topic such as health, brands need to be extremely careful not contravene what a doctor might say, while tackling a potentially embarrassing subject in an engaging way.

Often, humour is the best way to engage with your customers, but providing genuinely useful advice around your niche also works very well. Find out below why the marketing campaigns from these brands were particularly successful.

Unilever: The Adrenalist

Colgate: Oral and Dental Health Resource Centre

Cleveland Clinic: Health Hub

DollarShaveClub: Our Blades are F***ing Great!

Orabrush: Diary of a Dirty Tongue

ProctorGamble: Being Girl

Lorna Jane: Move Nourish Believe

Charmin: ‘Sit or Squat’ Microsite